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Krusevo is the highest town in the Republic of Macedonia, as it's situated at an altitude of over 1,350 meters above sea level. According to the 2002 census, Krusevo had a population of around 5,000. Krusevo is situated on the Busava mountain above the north-western part of Pelagonija plain. Krusevo is a small picturesque mountain town. It resembles a magic painting by an old master. The chance guest will not be wrong if they style Krusevo as a museum of old architecture. Krusevo is full of old and more recent houses built in the style of old Macedonian architecture.






It's quiet and clean place, perfect for recreation, physical as well as psychological. It's surrounded by woods of pine trees and beech trees. Krusevo is a favorite destination of mountaineers, skiers and for paragliding, as much as it is for elder people because it calms down and relaxes. Krusevo is known by it's rich and unique architecture.

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